Interesting things that most woman expect from their men. Things that make or break a relationship.
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5 important things most women look for in men
By Ravinder Virk on 20 Apr 2010
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I think if I tried to list every thing women expect or look for in men, I will never be able to finish this article. Based on past experiences and talking with many women, I think if want to summaries the most important things that women expect then the list might look something like this.

Love and romance
With no surprise the most obvious thing one can look for from their partner is love and romance. After all thats what attracts people of opposite sex. Also interestingly I think most men are pretty good at fulfilling this requirement. Despite of being the thing that most men are good at fulfilling, I still wanted to point it out because it's the most basic and number one thing women expect. They want to be loved by their partner. I want to point out though that there is a difference between love and romance and love has many more emotional elements to it. So if a man lacks in fulfilling this basic expectation then he has no chance of having a good relationship.

Another important thing that women expect from men is to be cared. They want to know that they are cared about. If man does not care about his partner and only does what he feels like, then the relationship is destined to end soon. Men need to think about woman before taking many actions. This is one of the most common issues why gaps in relationships develop. People stop caring about each other when they start taking their partners for granted or are not attracted to them anymore.

No matter how sweet and caring you are the reality is that most women expect their partners to be able to support them at some level. This is just the practicality of living together. Woman expect support both financially and emotionally from their men. Many times financial support is a big factor for women when getting into a relationship.

This is the fundamental element that holds a relationship together, honesty. I think both men and women expect honesty from their partners. Cheating and lying to your partner simply proves that you are no longer interested in them and are just living with the situation. Even if something happens accidentally, I would say a person is better off by telling their partner about it honestly rather than they finding out about it themselves.

Sweet personality or sense of humor
This is the thing that gets many woman interested in the first place. If a man is not interesting or doesn't have a sense of humor most woman will get bored and won't bother continuing with him. In fact for a lot of woman a better personality is more important than looks. This is also the thing that keeps a relationship going. Physical desires may start winding down but a sweet personality and great sense of humor will always keep a couple in love and excited about each other.

If you think there are other important things that I might have missed, please feel free mention that through comments.
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22 Dec 2010 - 08:43 AM
I believe that most of the time women expect too much of men and they dont actually put enough themselves. Marriage or love is two way..Remember it takes two hands to clap. if you want to be Loved - are you loving or you are more of self centered and with pride? What are you bringing to the table?
Jim Watts
21 Dec 2010 - 23:05 PM
I believe that most men are looking for the exact same thing, no matter how macho or stoic we may appear at times.
21 Dec 2010 - 14:53 PM
Interesting analysys
07 Jul 2010 - 21:43 PM
I love your article. It is very intresting and very true. Women do want to be loved and cared for and if a woman only gives which is something we women often do then the relationship cannot be successful.
In fact a relationship can work only when both parties respect each other's differences.
I also find that as women we often tend to expect the men to guess that we want that love and support without expressing our need for it.
Allen Kelly
07 Jul 2010 - 01:48 AM
This is a good list of what makes a good mate but one of the things that makes all five even better is some level of basic sexual attractiveness.

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